Claire G. California

Save Our Oceans

Before it is too late, you must save our oceans and stop the damage that's taking place

Dear Next President,

I am Claire Gute, and it is in my highest interest to save the oceans before it is too late. The United States and rest of the entire world need to take action as soon as possible to work to save and conserve the oceans and marine life that inhabits it. Action must be taken before it is too late to work to protect them. There are many factors regarding saving the world’s oceans, but anything that can be done to protect them is essential. The United States must be a role model for the rest of the world in order to save the oceans. Only 3.4% of the oceans are protected and shockingly the ocean covers 71% of the Earth. The oceans fill with pollutants, and if this is not stopped, it will be a danger for humans as well as the life inhabiting them.

We must lead the world in creating laws and regulations to prevent over-fishing. We have, and will wipe out species if we are not careful about how we fish in our oceans. Without one species, another will starve and lead to becoming extinct. We use destructive fishing methods such as bottom trawling which is hazardous to the sea floor. Every day, we continue to push more and more fish towards being endangered. Many fishermen want more fish to make more money, but this is only destroying ocean ecosystems.

Dead zones are a very real thing, they are expanding to become bigger and bigger. Dead zones are parts of the ocean who can not support life due to the lack of oxygen. In dead zones, algae starts to grow and rob the oxygen from the water, after this, fish and all life stops. These dead zones are sad, lonely places with nothing, where life used to flourish. Global warming and farm waste are major causes of dead zones. There must be rules about agriculture runoff and how to stop it from reaching the ocean. We as a whole, but work towards protecting as much as we can in the ocean, before it is too late.

This issue is so important to me because the ocean is my second home. Ever since I was a child I have spent my whole life on the water. I have a deep interest towards marine biology and conserving the beauty of the sea. I have been stunned by the sea because I have had amazing opportunities to learn from it and use it as a resource. As a child, living about an hour away from the ocean, my parents would take me to the beach almost every weekend. My most memorable vacations would be the trips to Hawaii to visit my sister at school. That is where I first learned to surf, snorkel, and kayak. I still continue to go to the beach every weekend and visit my sister in Hawaii. I plan to learn to scuba dive on my next trip, as well. I also plan to spend my future life around the ocean, as much as possible. I am interested in applying to universities near the coast to pursue my passions.

The future of our world’s oceans are in your hands, next future president. And the life of the ocean and life inhabiting it is in your hands. Without the oceans, the Earth will be nothing, and the damage will be irreversible. Please help the future of our planet and work to save our oceans before it is far too late to do anything.


Claire Gute
Period 3
U.S. Government

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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