Delaney F. California

Keep our Country Secure and Safe

Describes the importance of consitutional rights, national security, and improving economy.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

It has been brought to my attention that there are many issues that this country currently faces that should be resolved as soon as possible. I feel it is my duty as part of the youth of this country to become familiar with these issues and express my opinion.

One of the biggest issues our country currently faces is the ineffective use of borders and ineffective immigration regulations. The country is, without a doubt, in a state of dangerous unemployment. One way to fix this is to deport all people who are not legal citizens, because they are taking the jobs of people who have a legal stance to live and thrive in this country. I am not expressing that people can’t ever gain citizenship, but these individuals must go through an extensive legal and safety process to make sure they are fit to live in this country. With this, comes national defense. Without a strong national defense we can not feel secure. With the recent ISIS attacks and threats, I feel America needs a major redesign in national defense. America needs to focus on defending ourselves rather than trying to defend other people. I think in order to do this we need to defend our borders better by controlling immigration into our country. War is not the best option, but if it becomes necessary we need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves.

Another issue I am passionate about wanting a solution to is gun control. As an American citizen it is our second amendment right to own and carry a gun, and placing more regulations and restrictions is infringing on our constitutional rights. The second amendment was written for a reason, and I feel throwing away this concept is also an insult to our founding fathers who wrote the Constitution. With gun permits, America can still be a safe environment. Citizens should be given the freedom of being able to carry a gun and protect yourself in the time of need. For example, if a thief walks into a convenience store and sees the cashier has a concealed carry, they are statistically less likely to rob the store, whereas if he didn't, the thief would be more likely to rob the store because he has no way of defending himself and the store.

Money and economics is important to me because I feel without a wealthy country, many other things will fail. I think the best solutions for the economy is to keep minimum wage the same because raising minimum wage will cause more negative effects than positive effects. Also, taxing the rich higher is nothing but unfair. Just because the wealthy work hard to make their money, doesn't mean we should have to sacrifice our hard work to pay for other people.

In conclusion, I wish you the best of luck for your presidency but I also hope you consider the opinions of the millions of American citizens who work hard every day of their lives and expect their constitutional rights to be forever protected.


Delaney Finnegan

Minarets High School

Minarets Econ/Gov

Seniors from Minarets High School in O'Neals, CA

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