Macy H. Michigan

Abortion Is Not The Answer

There are many reasons why abortions should be illegal but read this to find out three of mine.

Dear Future President,

I believe abortion should be illegal. A few reasons why I feel this way are, it is killing an innocent human being, this was that person’s fault for this happening, so you don’t need to kill someone else's life to help your life, and abortions reduce the number of babies that could be put up for adoption. 

By having an abortion you are killing an innocent life, a person that could have possibly had a huge impact in this world. Some people may say that abortion isn’t murder because it’s not a human being but as a matter of fact a fetus is a human being. According to “basic science proves that an unborn child is a “human being.” No mention of “personhood” is necessary for basic murder definitions. Killing a “human being” or a “fellow creature,” even, is enough.” Therefore, you would be murdering an innocent life.

Another reason why abortion should be illegal is because this is your problem and your fault, you are the one that got yourself into this, and you were the one being irresponsible. Some may say that it’s their body and they should be able to choose what to do with it but in reality that’s not completely true. Think about other people and not just what is best for you, this baby has its own DNA. According to “It is a scientific fact that an organism exists after conception that did not exist before conception.” Conception happens about two weeks after your last period and you can get an abortion up until 10 weeks. Therefore, this baby would already have its own DNA. 

My final reason why I believe abortion should be illegal is that there are females out there who unfortunately, cannot get pregnant and have their own children but if you really don’t want to have the baby you were blessed with then do something better than killing it, give it to someone else who would love and care for this baby. According to “The percentage of infants given up for adoption in the United States declined from 9% of those born before 1973 to 1% of those born between 1996 and 2002.” If you have an unwanted baby the least you could do is give it to someone who would love and care for that baby for the rest of its life, abortion is not the answer.

In conclusion, I believe that abortion in the United States should be illegal for many reasons but my main three are, you are killing an innocent life, you put this upon yourself so killing a fetus is not how you should get out of it, and there are many women out there who don’t have the chance to have their own children, so put it up for adoption. Please remember abortion is never the answer. This child could be the future and make a huge difference in the world.


Macy Hopgood