Natalya R. Florida

Letter to the President

The Problems with Health Insurance Coverage and the Government Aid to Low-income Homes.

I am a resident of Miami, Fl, and I am writing because healthcare is too expensive to afford and financial aid from the government doesn't suffice for families like mine that are below or near the poverty line. Although Obamacare provided thousands of people with insurance who couldn't afford it before, it is still too expensive for people who extremely poor. For example, my mother's yearly income is only $20,000 and she does not have any health insurance and neither do I, simply because we cannot afford it- this means that when anyone in my family is sick we cannot go to the doctor and must buy over the counter medicines and wait our our illnesses or infections out.

In addition, I am writing because food stamps do not buy much of anything and it's already hard enough for my mother to pay for the bills along with having the necessary amount of money to buy a sufficient amount of groceries to feed my family of four. For example, one time my mother used food stamps to buy some groceries and only came home with a watermelon and bread.

I am only seventeen years old and I need the proper amount of nutrients to grow properly, however, the lack of variety and the quality of food my mother is able to buy makes this a hard obstacle to overcome, so we eat staple foods that make people gain weight which lead to health problems in the future, which is scary considering I am so young.

Since my mother's income is not enough to provide me with healthcare and a well-balanced diet, I am asking that you please make healthcare more affordable and to make it so that food stamp's values are increased enabling people who are financially unstable to buy more food,and more different types of food, allowing us to have healthier diets and lifestyles.

Thank you for considering this matter.


Natalya Roque-Rosario

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