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Do Now: What Does Being Politically Active Mean to You? #DoNowPolitics

KQED’s Do Now for January 14, 2016 asked youth to think and respond to the prompt “What Does Being Politically Active Mean to You?” Hosted in partnership with Youth Radio, Do...

Do Now: How much do candidates’ faces influence voters? #DoNowBias

KQED’s Do Now by Science Friday asked, How do subconscious snap judgements affect democratic elections? Do Now is a weekly activity hosted by KQED for students to engage and res...

NWP Radio—Digital Learning Day 2016

Digital Learning Day is a national campaign that celebrates educators and shines a spotlight on successful instructional practice and effective use of technology in and out of clas...

Presidents’ Day Annotatathon

In celebration of Presidents’ day on February 15th, Hypothesis will host a week-long annotatathon of the greatest speeches in American presidential history. Teachers and students...

Presidents’ Day Twitter Chat on Civic Engagement and the 2016 Election

Student Voice events invite students, thought leaders, and change makers to tackle some of education’s biggest issues and engage in community-building discussions to strengthen t...


Great Free Resources for Teaching Election 2016

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This post by the New York Times Learning Network features over a dozen instructional strategies and useful, free websites t...

MAP: Welcome to Primary Season! Find Out When Your State Gets to Vote (and How Much Influence It’ll Have)

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From KQED's Low Down, a resource for finding state by state information throughout the primary season as well as how it a...

L2P 2.0 Intro to Social Annotation and Hypothesis

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Hypothesis is one of several tools that young people will be using to engage with the 2016 election. From fact-checking candidate statements to breaki...

Letters to the Next President 2.0 Kick-off (webinar)

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An archive of the kick-off webinar for Letters to the Next President 2.o In this hangout, educators described th...

The Student Bill of Rights

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The Student Bill of Rights is a project of Student Voice, a for-students-by-students nonprofit organization spe...


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