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How We Can Change Health Care for the Better

For years America's plan on health care has been changed to try to make it more affordable for everyone, but many issues arise with new health care plans. This is why I'm proposing ideas on how to renovate the Affordable Care Act to help everyone access coverage, especially those that can’t afford it but need it the most. This will help insure millions of people in our nation and will bring us closer to a better nation as a whole.

Dear Future President,

There has been a lot of controversy on health care especially with the Affordable Care Act and I trust you already have some plan on how you would like to deal with it, but I have some ideas on how to help more people get affordable health care that I would like to share with you. The Affordable Care Act, or as some people call it ObamaCare, is in need of adjustment, but shouldn’t be eliminated entirely. We can use ObamaCare as a blueprint; keep all the beneficial portions of the act and replace the detrimental portions.

One of the problems this country has had with ObamaCare was that their premium got higher. If we stream line the supply chain of medication we will be able to reach a cheaper, more affordable premium every year. We can also make doctors sell their services at a reasonable price and make them accountable for their services to reach a more affordable premium. For example, if a patient pays three thousand dollars for a surgery that the doctor did not do correctly the patient will be forced to go back to the doctor again and pay more for a service that should’ve been finished correctly before. We should set up a set price for the service the doctor is providing and if he does not do the service correctly, the next time the patient gets the service he will not have to pay because it’s the expectation that the doctor delivers the service correctly the first time.

The Affordable Care Act was meant to expand Medicaid with federal and state funding, but even after that was ensued there are still 5.7 million of our nation’s poorest people without coverage options. That is because The Affordable Care Act did not oblige the state to expand their funding on Medicaid. If we were to enforce the state to expand on Medicaid funding there could be millions upon millions of underprivileged people with new, low-cost coverage.

Health care is an important subject that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible so that people can be insured as soon as possible. Everyone should be able to have access to the health care they need regardless of their income. This plan would help insure millions of people in our nation finally get the health care they need and deserve, which will draw us closer to a better nation as a whole.


Julia Bulgarelli

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