Tristan H. Texas


Stop Bullying from our lifes

Greetings new Mr. or Miss. President,

My name is Trixie H. and I am an 8th grader,  and the people in my school and in different schools including me have been a victim of bullying and that’s what I’m here to talk about. People have been bullied and won’t say a word and people who see it refuse to tell anyone or help them because they fear the bully or they just refuse to do it. For example 85% of males alone said that the have been or is being bullied said by

People who get bullied don’t say a word to anyone because they think they can handle it, been threaten not to tell anyone, afraid of saying it, they think no one will believe them, there already being abused, or they already given in. And I know that some people say that when they bring us down we come back stronger, but when is too far when do they go over the line? That is a question that the people who say that bullying is fine should ask.

They have be called so many names like thing, it ,ugly, disgusting monster, freak, emo, goth, and more that I can’t say. Also they get abuse from them directly and not and cyberbullying is the worst because they can do it without them knowing who it’s from.

The ones who get bullied don’t know what to do or they don’t know how to stand up for themselves, and the one who get bullied are the quite, different, physical problem, mental problem, and people who are gay lesbian and that’s just the majority on Even if they did tell there parents or an adult that there being bully won’t stop they will only hurt them more and give the bully more power, and 80% of victims cut themselves and their want of freedom of the pain commit to suicide said by

So as the new president you should help the new generation and help them not feel worthless and commit suicide. You should make a holiday where we unite to stop bullying or make counseling easier to get because most parents that find out there children/child is getting bullied and the school is not doing anything they go to counseling but it take a very long time to get one or even a session.

So thank you for taking time off to read our letters, but if you truly and honestly care about us please make a change in our lives because you don’t know how many people that get bullied will appreciate it.

Thank You,

Trixie H.

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