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Stop Torture

It is important to end inhumane acts such as torture. Torture is used worldwide. It is a cruel form of mistreatment that is forced upon people. We need to stop the use of torture techniques throughout every country. By doing this we'll be making the world safer, one step at a time.

Dear Future President,

Torture techniques such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and hooded investigation are used throughout many different countries in the world. The lasting effects of these include depression, PTSD, and chronic pain. Those are the more favorable side effects, as many people who endure torture don’t even live to tell the tale. Unfortunately, the United States participates in the authorization and usage of these techniques. This must come to an end. Although some may argue that torture can speed up the interrogation process, by allowing the government to put this suffering upon others, they’re not only ruining the lives of their victims, but the lives of their friends and families too.

Torture is a very big deal in many countries. Statistics show that nearly 50% of people from 21 countries across the world are afraid that if arrested in their countries they will subjected to torture. If I were to put myself in those people’s shoes, I know I would be scared out of my mind. Imagine walking through the streets of your hometown, a place that is supposed to give you comfort and love, and instead be filled with fear and anxiety. A law called UN Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) has been ratified in over hundreds of states and countries around the world to try and lessen the fears these people have. Despite the efforts put in place by ratifying this law, people still live in a state of constant worry. In addition, this document is one of the most significant in regards to ending these types of torment, unfortunately people still ignore it and torture continues to live on.

An example of this is a 41-year-old man named Vaja Kakushadze. He was a victim of 7 years of torture. He experienced multiple severe beatings along with solitary confinement. To this day, he is still trying to undo the pain that was brought upon him. “Every time I look in the mirror and look at my crushed forehead I am reminded of my torture.” (IRCT story 3). Although Vaja has been able to move on with his life, he still has the constant reminder of all the torture he endured. As he walks through the streets, he’s still fearful for his life and well being. Although he has been able to move on, he wasn’t able to do it on his own. As he got through it, his family did too. They all had to work together to help each other through the healing process. For some people, once they escape their torture, they don’t have a solid support system. Because of that, they never get to move on and leave their tortured lives behind. Their lack of ability to move on means that they will live out their lives in a broken and sad state.

Torture is a worldwide issue that we must get under control. There are other, more efficient ways to get information from suspects. I’m urging you to support the US and other countries in taking a stand against torture. We can positively impact the lives of young children through older adults. Every single life matters, every single person has feelings and a heart. We need to acknowledge this and start using kindness when talking to and interrogating to others.

Thank you for your time,

Maddie P

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