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Hazel B. California

America's Childhood Obesity Epidemic

This letter serves to raise awareness for the often overlooked major health concern of childhood obesity. It discusses the negative impacts of obes...

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Anna Jackson Louisiana

Epipen Price Increase

The price of Epipens, which are essential to people with severe allergies, has increased nearly $650 since 2004. That makes it very difficult for p...

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Gracie North Carolina

4% Is Simply Not Enough

The veteran part of the federal budget needs to be increased, and quick.

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Angel C. California

Does Privacy Exist On Social Media?

For years we've been using social media, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe someone has violated your privacy.

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Jaymee G. Minnesota

Gun Restrictions

Gun rights and restrictions

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Emma K. Illinois

Global warming is something you should be concerned about

I wrote this letter because I have an strong opinion about global warming and what the next president should do about it.

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Alisa North Carolina

Health Care Is Too Expensive For American Citizens

Our health care today is becoming too expensive to afford for American citizens.

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Olivia North Carolina

Later Start Times for School?

Kids are not receiving the amount of sleep they deserve, how can we fix this?

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Skyelar O. California

Transgender Policies

Making more policies for transgender people and improving the current ones we have.

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Madi B. North Carolina

Education: The Basis of a Nation

Education is important to everyone. Most people, however, can't afford to go to a good school or college purely because they lack the funds to att...

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Nicholas D. California


Racism is a problem.

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Jackson Montana

Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement

Let's put racial profiling to rest for good.

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