Letters from America's Youth During the 2016 Presidential Election

Letters to the Next President 2.0 empowered youth voice on the issues that mattered to them during the 2016 Presidential Election. We encourage you to read and share the powerful, thoughtful letters that were submitted. And although the project has ended, you can keep supporting youth civic action locally through our collection of resources.

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Quynh T. California

Importance of Arts Education

Budget cuts are forcing schools to make tough decisions about where to use financial resources. One of them is cutting art programs from schools. B...

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Abe C. Ohio

Criminals Will not Follow Gun Laws, what will everyone else do

Criminals in the USA have murdered, and killed many times over, but sometimes they can be stopped by guns as well as it can be started. New gun law...

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Aziz S. New York

The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

The Pros & Cons Of Increasing The Minimum Wage.

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Raquel H. California

Stricter Gun Control Laws

My video explores the reasons why we should aim for stricter gun control legislation and the collateral damage in urban communities resulting from ...

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karen New York

Stress Factors for Veterans

Reward Veterans with they deserve.

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Jeremiah Washington

Before We End Ourselves

The difference between being a forgettable president or an inspiration to all is what you do now to stop climate change.

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Shireen K. Michigan


Many Muslim women are taking off their Hijabs due to the problem of Islamophobia. As a country that goes by "Land of the Free" and "Home of the Bra...

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Helen L. Pennsylvania

How Free Is Our Religious Freedom?

Jesus and other Christian-related subjects are becoming taboo in public schools.

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Talia Nevada


Transgender Equality in America

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Cooper L. Idaho

Kaerpnicks Protests

This letter is about how Colin Kaepernick has been showing disrespect towards Our flag and National Anthem.

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Derek K. Montana

Imports In The United States

This talks about how we should import less and be a little more self reliant.

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Nicholas D. California


Racism is a problem.

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