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Dear Next President, why not fix the gun control laws now so it doesn't get worse in the future?

Dear Future President,

Because of the ongoing debates and events in 2016 involving the second amendment, I know that we should make laws that require you to own a firearm more strict in the United States. The main reason on why we should make stricter gun control laws is because of mass shootings happening all over the United States. One example of a mass shooting in 2016 would include June 13, the Orlando nightclub shooting. 49 people were killed with the use of a assault rifle and a pistol. It’s pretty obvious that the assault rifle did the most killing out of the two weapons, meaning we should make more strict laws to weapons that are the most harmful.

Guns like assault rifles, shotguns and military grade weapons need to have stricter laws based around them, so we can develop a more less threatening and safer community. We’re not asking for all guns to be banned, but only asking for the ones that could do the most damage to our community as a whole.

Another topic about gun control we should focus on is who has that control. People should have some sort of license and background check before receiving or owning any type of gun. If the person has had a bad background, for example if he/she has committed past crimes involving the use of the gun, then yes something would have to be done about that person. This should also count for mental illnesses of that person, whether he/she is suicidal and has a bad personal life in general. These types of people are the ones we really need to look out for as they can possibly commit the most crimes with a gun. This is also a reason on why we should make stricter gun laws, we don’t know who is owning a gun and who is not in this huge country, meaning we don’t know who and who isn’t eligible for a gun without making this law stricter. All of this could lead to more mass shootings, death rates and worse laws. Why not fix this problem now so it doesn’t get worse in the future.

If we resolve this problem with gun control, then society today will be a much safer place than what it is now. We wouldn’t have that much shootings compared to the amount of shootings in 2016. We could also have less crime rates, meaning less people in jail due to the restriction of gun usage and amount of people having one and a better life for most people in the United States. And because of less people being jail, this could not only decrease crime rates involving the use of a gun but also other crimes as well, such as usage of drugs because people are now living in a safer, less corrupt community than what it was.


Hasan Raza

New Tech High Coppell

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