Keith K. Louisiana

Letter to Future President

I am an 11th-grade student who has a strong opinion on gun control because I believe that American people should stick to The Constitution that has built our country.

17 November 2016

Dear Donald Trump,

Throughout American history there have been many times that groups have stood up against laws that were both unjust and harmful to the American public. For example, our Second Amendment rights are very important due to the protection it provides families against armed burglars and attackers. Back when the country was first founded, nearly every household had a rifle for both protection and for food purposes. Today, gun control is becoming a more greatly debated issue amongst the American people due to the recent shootings of Columbine, Newtown, and many other places across the country. The debate lies between regulating the type of weapons people may own or the amount of ammunition a weapon can hold. In the United States there are many problems with the second amendment being contested, strict gun control laws not being reasonable, and the founding fathers reasoning behind the right to bear arms.

Where the issue lies with many Americans, including myself, is that the Second Amendment is being contested due to the fact that a very small percentage of the population use guns in violent ways. It is not just or fair to take away the rights of so many law-abiding citizens for a small amount that abuse their rights. “Background and ammunition checks could reduce death by a large percentage” ( Doing small things that do not violate the second amendment but help save lives is acceptable. Criminals will find ways to get guns through black markets whether gun regulation is strictly enforced or not. The Second Amendment is something that has to be fought to preserve to keep law-abiding citizens and families safe in their own homes.

Despite the recent mass shootings, strict gun control laws are still not reasonable. With these kind of being enforced, mass shooters would most likely still be able to get their hands on a weapon that has the potential to do harm. Even the criminals committing the murders today can get their hands on guns illegally. With the majority obeying the law, increased gun control could backfire causing more mass shootings and crimes. Criminals could be more inclined to commit crimes because they would not have to worry about the common person carrying such a lethal weapon. “Strict gun control laws do not work in Mexico, and will not work in the United States” ( Other countries with issues like the United States have tried gun control laws and they have reportedly failed, so why should they work here?

The second amendment was originally created by the founding fathers with the idea that common people armed with rifles could provide protection for themselves and their community. For example, if today things got really bad there might be need for some organized militias that could help in a war on American soil like the amendment was originally meant for. “The second amendment was intended to protect gun ownership of all able-bodied me so that they could participate in the militia to keep peace and defend the country if needed” ( The Constitution is foundation of all laws and restrictions we have today and just like other amendments the second amendment should be followed accordingly. Even today, so many citizens keep guns in their homes for protection just like people did for over 200 years.

Over the recent years shootings have become a widespread epidemic throughout the United States. In an effort to end mass shootings several gun control plans have been thought of but I am against gun control because we have the right to bear arms according to The Constitution. In order to stay true to America we must keep in mind that laws like the second amendment have made the US into the great country it is today. Guns have tragically ended lives but they have saved a countless number of lives and our country.


Keith Kishbaugh


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