William O. Louisiana

All Lives Matter

We, as a country, need to stop discrimination based off of something that people can't choose.

Dear Future President,

"Black students were expelled at three times the rate of white students." This was one of the results of data collected in 2012 from the observation of 49,000,000 public school students. Black people are not being given the same opportunities in, and out of, school. This is something that I believe is a major concern in our country. Therefore, I think that you should stop discrimination because of skin color, something that a person can’t choose in the first place.

I think that we need racial equality because innocent people are dying and being shot because of others doing something wrong. Citizens are being accused of things that they didn’t do because of their race. There are many situations where, when compared, “A white man who opens fire in a crowded movie theater is apprehended by police yet still alive to face his day in court but a black 12-year-old boy playing with a toy gun in a park by himself is shot down within .36 seconds without so much as a warning or attempt from the police to de-escalate the 'situation.'” Even worse is that, “A white man can walk into a church and gun down nine people, be apprehended by police without incident or escalation, and taken to Burger King but a black man standing in Walmart, leaning on a pellet gun and talking on the cell phone is gunned down without an attempt or effort to calm or de-escalate the situation." This isn't fair because black citizens are being treated badly by police officers, and police officers are the ones whose job it is to keep order and peace in society. The fact that the people that are protecting us aren't treating every person as an equal, in my eyes, doesn't make them as trusting as I would like them to be. Another issue is black citizen deaths by police compared to white citizen deaths by police. In Chicago, there are more black deaths by police than there are white deaths by police. It might just be that black people are seen by police doing things that they shouldn't be, but that doesn't mean that the police have to gun them down. In many other cities too, "victims are disproportionally black." Black citizens are forced to be cautious of police in fear that they will be shot and killed for doing no harm to anyone or anything. Lastly, I have noticed that not many people are doing things to stop the racial discrimination. Of course there is the "Black Lives Matter" movement, but that is the largest group out there that I know of. Despite this being an important movement, what isn't said by many is that not only black lives matter, but all lives matter. And there hasn't, at least not in my knowledge, been anything to emphasize that fact despite, "91% of people acknowledge some, or a lot, of discrimination." I think that we have to make something to point out not all the little idiosyncrasies of each and every person in this world, but to acknowledge that we are all human and should respect each other for who we are, no matter the differences that make every individual unique.

Once again, future president, I believe that as a role model to the people of the U.S. it is your responsibility to help races become considered equal. I know that I am too young to vote, but I have an opinion in this election.


William O’Rourke

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

Gifted English writers of Patrick F. Taylor Academy.

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