Raeann D.

Censorship in Catholic High Schools

Students at catholic high schools often have to adhere to strict rules regarding behavior inside and outside of school.

Mr. or Ms. President:

This is an issue that is very important to me. All I ask is that you consider my perspective.

Students at catholic high schools are strongly encouraged and even threatened (with disciplinary action) into expressing only opinions that agree with those of the church. It is argued that the student body is meant to represent and exemplify the school's agenda and morals, but aren't students individuals? Shouldn't they get to express what they truly believe, regardless of the church's opinion? I feel that it is unfair for a student to be forced to censor their passions in order to conform to a set of beliefs that they personally disagree with. 

I do understand that the purpose of catholic school is to teach catholic values. I also understand that parents have every right to raise their children in whichever fashion they wish. But, maybe we need to take a step back and consider how diversity of opinion will help our children to grow and develop critical thinking and argument skills. After all, how strong can one's faith be if it is left unchallenged?

St. Joseph's Academy


For my fantastic 3rd hour students.

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