Griffin P. & Kaelin F. District Of Columbia

Gun Control in the United States

This is a letter about gun violence in the United States and our concerns

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on winning the presidential election. Now that you are the president of the United States of America you probably have many issues to attend to. If you have time, we would hope for you to consider some of these problems that we have researched about gun violence.

On average, 31 people are murdered each day by guns. Sometimes people murder each other  because they are mentally ill. We think the United states should spend more money on mental health clinics to help people who suffer from this horrible disease. Another idea we believe is important is  more money is given to our law enforcement agencies because they save multiple lives each day.

On a yearly basis, over 17,000 American children are shot and killed each year by murders, suicides and suicide attempts, and police intervention. “Since 1966, 874 people were killed in mass shootings. Charles Whitman was the one of the first people to carry out a mass shooting. He used a Remington 700 sniper rifle to kill 14 people at the University of Texas .

We believe that some solutions to this crisis include stronger background checks. Background checks are very important because the police can trace the gun back to where it was bought in a violent crime that uses guns. In addition, school security is also a very critical concern of ours because it can help save the lives of our children. Schools could prevent more massacres on campuses if they had metal detectors. If you read this, we really hope you consider looking into this subject even more. It would really make America a happier and safer place to live.


Griffin and Kaelin

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