Emily D.

Food Shortage

The shortage of food is becoming an increasingly large problem, not only in America but around the world.

Dear President,

     In America we are currently experiencing a food shortage and the prices for food are rising. A drought in 2013 led to a large decrease in the number of cattle which caused the prices of beef to skyrocket. Pork prices have also gone up due to an epidemic that killed 6 million pigs that were going to be used for food. Because pork and beef have become less common, chicken farmers have been able to gain profit.

     Even though chicken farmers have this advantage, they are still raising the prices for chicken. Along with raising the prices for profit, the fertility of roosters have dropped about 2 percent causing the price the rise for that reason as well. Other common food like shrimp, orange juice, limes, and coffee have also raised prices in the past year. As the prices for food go up many families are becoming less and less able to afford to feed their children.

     These problems will not go away by ignoring them, so we need to find solutions. Some ways to better our food supply is by finding innovative and better ways of growing plants and raising animals. Families can begin by growing some of their own food like fruits and vegetables. They can also start conserving more water because most of the food shortages were caused by droughts.

     Many scientists predict that not only in America but globally our food shortage will become a really big issue in forty years. I hope that you as our president will work towards creating a more stable future for my generation and the generations to come.


                                                                                                                    A very concerned citizen