Kevin L. Louisiana

Promoting Patriotism

Hi, I'm Kevin Lin, a 16 year old student from Louisiana and I believe that the lack of Patriotism in America has created more harm than help.

Dear President Trump:

When asked about July 4 most Americans will tell you that it’s about having a barbeque or fireworks in their backyard. However, what they fail to realize is that July 4 is actually more than just a family reunion. Although it was not the official day that the colonists declared Independence nor the day that they gained Independence, it was a day that brought many Americans alike and unalike together as a nation. It also gave birth to an ideal known as Patriotism, or the emotional attachment to a nation that an individual recognizes as their homeland. Patriotism has played a more significant role in uniting Americans than most people think. I firmly believe that all Americans should rebuke Anti-Patriotism, for it causes young Americans to be knowledgeable of their history, despise their country, and disrespect law enforcement.

An area that clearly illustrates the detriment effects of Anti-Patriotism is within America’s youth education. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress report in 2014 only 18 percent of 8th graders were proficient or above in U.S. History and only 23 percent in Civics. The cause of this is mainly due to the lack of passion for U.S. History. As of lately, American youths have fallen victim to video games, partying, and drug, as a result, they fall behind their classes and struggle to recover. Because American youths lack the knowledge of history, they struggle to engage in political conversation. When attending a Hillary rally, I remember having a conversation with a Hillary supporter, and unfortunately it made me realize how ignorant the American people can be. When asked why he would vote for her, he simply replied,“Because she could be the first woman president”. I can sympathize with that I thought to myself, but as I asked him more specific and thoughtful questions he either answered with,“ I don’t know” or “because she’s a woman”. For instance, whenever I questioned him on Hilary’s policies or emails he always answered with “I don’t know”. I moved on to ask him why Hillary a better candidate than Trump he replied,“cuz she uh woman”. The lack of informed debates should scream to us all that there is an education crisis within our nation. The state of our country may seem horrific now, but it will continue to get worse if we continue to ignore it. From patriotism, we can help to spark a motivation in American youth and push them to learn more of their history.

Another way that Anti-Patriotism is detriment is because it causes people to despise their country. Colin Kaepernick, a backup quarter of the 49ers, decision to kneel during the national and indicates how Anti-Patriotism can lead one to despise one’s country. He states,“I refuse to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” This way of thinking is detriment to people because it gives them an excuse to disrespect their country based on what they dislike. If you dislike the atmosphere of your job then you should kneel during the national anthem instead of contacting the Labor Union for help. If you are not satisfied with the minimum wage you should also kneel during the flag instead of going to college for a degree for a better job. Whatever the case may be, people have a right to disrespect the flag because I understand that they have the first amendment, but have they ever thought of the effects that this could have on our youth. Our Children will grow up in a society where disrespecting their own country is the norm, thus many principles and traditions that this nation was built on will be forgotten.

Anti-Patriotism is also detriment because it pushes people to be disrespectful towards law enforcements. This is evident in the protests of black lives matter across cities. In St. Paul Minnesota two officers were injured by protesters, one by a glass bottle and the other by fireworks. Protesters often used other methods to disrespect law enforcement, many using verbal attacks like phrases like “Pigs in a blanket” or “Bleep the police” in cops faces. False narratives of the liberal media and the lack of patriotism in many households cause people to act violent towards cops. It is imperative that at an early age children are taught to respect law enforcement because it prevents them from getting into altercations with them.Thomas Jefferson once said,“The cement of this union is the heart-blood of every American.” In this quote he is implying that America is built on representation and patriotism. To take participation in government and patriotism for granted would mean the downfall of America.

You should support promoting Patriotism because it will motivate our youth and citizens to learn more about U.S. History, love their own country, and respect cops. Without patriotism America would not have the courage to overcome the tyranny of Britain or the Great Depression. Not only does Patriotism cause people to feel love for their country, but it also unites all Americans. During special events like July 4, Americans do enjoy barbecue or the views of fireworks, but most importantly they can feel that they’re proud. Proud that is, to be an American.

Sincerely, Kevin Lin


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