Isaiah G. Louisiana

Student Loan Debt Should Be Decreased

A telling of why the next president should decrease student loan debt and why it must be stopped.

  Dear future president,

The total student loan debt is over one million dollars. The U.S. Department of Education even bragged about this by stating, “We provide more than $150 billion in grants, loans, and work-study funds each year, but you have to complete the FAFSA to see if you can get any of that money.” This is basically stating the Department of Education puts college students in debt. Student loan debt has soared from $260 billion in 2004 to $1.2 trillion in 2014. This needs to change. The main concern is that since college students go into debt, they can not even pay the fee because the college students have bills to pay, they have to buy food and drinks, etc. This came to my attention because smart people who are going to do something in life have to go to college. Therefore, as the next president, I want you to decrease student loan debt.

To begin, you should decrease student loan debt because college students have too much debt. An article on Gale Databases stated, “Even seniors- the last people you’d expect to be saddled with debt- owe over $18 billion in loan.” This proves that debts are so high from college that everyone, including seniors, are affected. In addition, you should decrease student loan debt because now some college students feel like college is a waste of money and time. An article on Gale Databases stated, “ 10.41 percent feel as they shouldn't have attended college at all, and 10.14 percent feel over educated.” Clearly, this shows students are feeling they’re wasting their money. This is an issue because students are more likely to drop out of college. Likewise, you should decrease student debt because most of the students who attend college go into debt. An article on Wikipedia states “ Today, there is approximately $1.3 trillion of outstanding student loan debt in the U.S. that affects 43 million borrowers who have an average outstanding loan balance of $30,000.” This clearly proves that a lot of college students go into debt. This is a huge problem because now almost every single college student goes into debt. This is why you should decrease student loan debt

 Once more, I want you to decrease student loan debt. Even though I am not allowed to vote, my voice still needs to be heard because everyone can help America.


Isaiah G.