Arianna P.

Student Debt

The colossal issue of student debt affects America's youth.

Dear Future President,

The overwhelming amount of money college students and alumni owe is overbearing. The idea of student loans seems like a practical and beneficial one, when in reality there is no way all student loans will be paid off. The price of college tuition is exorbitant. Now, I do not agree with the idea of free tuition, but I do believe that the universities are taking advantage of Americans. Not even well-off families should have to pay $60,000-$70,000 in tuition every year. The universities come off as greedy when the price of tuition is constantly increasing. Another problem with this amount of debt students are having to pay after college is the issue of unemployment. Not only do students have to worry about paying off their debt, but also about finding a job. In this economy, unemployment is a huge issue, especially for millennials. With the weight of unemployment and debt, America's youth is discouraged from pursuing their actual dreams. This is the opposite of America's message of the American dream. This is an issue that affects any student in the United States and needs to be addressed. Please remember that the youth of America is the future. 


St. Joseph's Academy


For all the lovelies in my 2nd hour.

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