Hannah R. Louisiana

Love is Love

The conflicts of same sex marriage.

15 November 2016

Dear President Trump:

One of the most questionable decisions that a Supreme Court has made is the ruling of the legalization of same sex marriage. Many people feel that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Others say that homosexuals don’t deserve the same rights as heterosexuals. People across the nation are leaving their jobs because they do not want to listen and respect what the Supreme Court is telling them. Homophobes need to realize that everyone is equal in God’s eyes, the tradition of marriage has changed, and all have to respect people whether they like or don’t like the way others choose to live their life.

Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. That’s just how it was. No one questioned it; until people started questioning who they were. It is natural to question your sexuality. Someone sees a beautiful girl or guy and you begin to wonder. Now, we see same-sex marriages happening and people are infuriated. Many people argue that a child needs a father and a mother. The fact that a man and a woman are different is what makes them work better together. Redefining marriage, they say, can destabilize marriage in ways that can hurt children. My response to this is how would having two moms or two dads hurt children? I believe they would actually be more loved than having one mom or one dad. You cannot tell anyone that they can’t marry who they love because it would hurt children. Parents love their children, whether they have two moms or one mom; it doesn’t matter.

People are choosing not to follow what they are being told, so then they leave their jobs because they don’t want to respect homosexuals. For example, some Justices of the Peace are being enforced to follow the law whether they like it or not. They are choosing to resign rather than perform same-sex marriages. This is absolutely disgusting. You should learn to respect other people’s lifestyles. The way these people live their lives is their decision only. Everyone deserves respect even if you do not agree with the way that they live their life or not.

The most common argument that homophobic people say is that gays don’t deserve the same rights as straights. Most of these homophobic views come from Catholics which baffles me. They say the bible specifically says that marriage is between a man and a woman. Nonetheless, the bible also says that everyone is equal and made in the image and likeness of God. I’m wondering if they forgot that huge part in the bible or did they just feel like that didn’t apply to the LGBT community. Well, it does and it always will. Whether you’re black, white, gay, or straight, we are all equal in God’s eyes. One guy who opposed same-sex marriage, but who now supports it says, “heterosexual couples who value their own marriages should be able to stand in solidarity with gay people who also wish to be married.” This guy is Larry Donnelly who spoke this directly to Catholics saying they would not be sinning against their faith by supporting same-sex marriage. In reality, Catholics should support same-sex marriage. I hope that it happens very soon.

Love is love. You love who you love and no one should tell you otherwise. Love who you are and you will live a happy life. Don’t let others tell you who you should marry. Homophobes should respect others lifestyles; just like you have to respect someone at work who you may not like. It’s the same thing. Gay people deserve respect and I believe that they will eventually get that.


Hannah R


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