Jonathan B. Louisiana

Gun Violence

Dear President

In the 2016 Presidential Debate, Hillary Clinton pointed out that war guns don't belong on our streets. You shouldn't just go buy a gun without any questions asked. Gun violence is happening all over the world. For example there was a shooting in a elementary school and the person who started shooting was a teenager.

Gun Violence is a huge catastrophic problem these days. People believe that immigrants are the problem but to remind you that the teenager that shot up the school was an American citizen. Trump pointed out that he was going to build a wall between Mexico and The United States so that illegal immigrants or aliens don't still the guns of Americans and cause gun violence in America. Most people do bad things because they are depressed or mentally ill and that's the top reason why people do stuff like mass shootings.

Gun Violence is a major problem in America. A lot of people or kids die from these events. There are many ways to stop gun violence and a lot of people have tried to stop it but it has got better. I think we should try harder and put more effort into helping our world. So my question is to you is how are you going to stop gun violence in the United States.

                                                     Sincerely Jonathan Burr