Hannah H. Louisiana

What Will You Do for Our Country?

This is a short letter about issues I hope the next president will address.

        Dear next president, first off congratulations on winning the 2016 presidential election. I know not all Americans voted for you, but they all expect you to take care of our country. Here are some issues going on right now that I feel need your attention:

         Recently, North Korea has threatened a nuclear strike against both the U.S. and South Korea due to a massive joint annual exercise started by South Korea and the U.S. Global condemnation and sanctions have, unfortunately, done nothing to deter these threats.  As a citizen of the U.S., I would like to know what you plan to do about this. Many lives will depend on it, maybe, even, including yours. 

      The second issue I would like to address is poverty. At this moment, there are 43 million people living in poverty in the U.S. alone. These people are with little to know means to support themselves, and many of them have families to provide for. Most of the time, they are blamed for their own predicament, but their are people out there who truly aren't responsible poorness. These same people have little access to health care, education, and other services. How do you plan to fix this?

      The final issue I would like to discuss is gun violence. I would like to respectfully ask that bibles be put back into the schools. When bibles were in schools, bullets were not. And it isn't just guns, either. The very year that we removed the bible from school, in June of 1963, America became the number one in the world of violent crimes, illegal drugs, divorce rates, illiteracy, and teenage pregnancy. Our forefathers once dreamed of religious freedom, and now that we have it, it is being taken away again by not allowing teachers to speak of God in schools.  Yes not everyone follows the same religion but that should not stop us from talking about ours. Maybe if wwe did, it would save someone's life.

           That said, I hope you take these into consideration. Sincerely, Hannah Hargis.

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