Bennett L. Louisiana

Second Amendment Rights

My essay to the future president is about the threat to our Second Amendment rights and the truth about gun control and gun laws.

9 November 2016

Dear Future President:

As you know, many important issues surround today’s society. One of the great things about America is the diverse group of people who live in our amazing country. All these differing people bring opposing opinions that can result in conflict or, preferably, the situation can end with a solution being found that entails a happy compromise for everyone while still upholding the American people’s rights.

I think that one of the biggest and most controversial issue is the topic of gun laws and 2nd Amendment rights. In light of recent terror attacks in which firearms were used, the left and the media seem to criticize gun ownership daily.

By account of Guns and Crime, American citizens own over 300 million guns. If the government were to even try to take them away, it would cause large-scale panic that would frighten many people and the end result would still leave guns in the hands of criminals. Before people can come up with a solution to gun violence, they need to realize that gun ownership is a Constitutional right and it not going anywhere. Once people understand that guns are here to stay, then it is possible to get down to the core problems of gun violence.

Guns and Crime says that over forty-one states have concealed carry systems. If all those people in over forty states were violent, I think America would know it. I believe that the reality of it is that the vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding people and solely carry and own firearms to recreate or protect themselves and their families. The Second Amendment states that “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” According to, “bear” means to hold or carry. I think that it is quite clear that it would be completely unconstitutional for anyone to take away the citizen’s right to bear arms because it would be in direct contradiction with the Second Amendment. Also, it is accounted buy the Justice Department that law-abiding citizens use guns to protect and defend themselves about 110,000 time per year. This number is more that the Newtown shooting, the Charleston shooting, and the Aurora shooting put together.

Now that you can see that taking away guns would be unconstitutional, unjust, and illogical, we have to get down to the root of the problem which is bad politics. Gun Violence says that it seems to be a trend that the places with the strictest gun control has the worst violence and the worst politics. Places with the most liberal and “progressive” politicians have the worst gang violence, which accounts for a large portion of all gun deaths per year. The real problem is that gun-grabbing politicians want control of their citizens so that they cannot revolt when they put forth tyrannical laws that will turn American citizens into their subjects.

We cannot give up our guns. We need a president that will protect, not only the second, but all the Amendments. Keep America the free and great country that it is. Let’s keep our rights and make sure America stays the great country that it is.




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