Shania 78666


Bullying is a problem in schools and need to be stop.

As you may know, many teens are getting bullied and not telling their parents about it. Teens are hurting themselves without their parents knowing that they're doing it. Over 3.2 million kids are getting bullied and 160,000 are skipping school because they are a victim of a bully. Most teachers don’t care.  A lot of students tell the teacher, and the teacher will do nothing. Some students who are getting bullied won't even go tell an adult because they are afraid. They think that the bully is going to do something because they "snitched."

Some kids even want to end their lives because they are getting bullied. Kids that are bullying other kids are doing that because they got bullied in the past and they want kids to feel how it feels to get bullied and how painful it is and how they don’t want to go to a teacher and tell them what’s happening in the hallways. Some kids just bully kids because they think it’s fun for them. 

Kids won't tell their friends that they're getting bullied either.  Friends won’t do anything because they think that if they tell someone they would end up getting bullied too. It's a vicious cycle.

 Some kids go so far as to find a way to kill themselves so they would not have to experience the painful things happening their lives. Parents could come home see their kid on the floor dead. A lot of parents have lost their kids because their child did not tell anyone that they're getting bullied at school or other places. I hope that this letter motivates you to stop the bullying and do something about so their parents won’t come home their kid died on the floor.