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Lower the Driving Age Please

Some thirteen year olds are mature enough to drive.

Dear Next President,

 Many things that are illegal for kids aren't illegal for the majority of adults.  Everyone who meets me says that I’m mature, maybe even that I have a brain of a twenty year old. There are many kids who have the same maturity level I have, and some are on a greater scale than I.

As of next year, my peers and I will be in high school and we will be the only students there without cars, or permits, or licenses. So we're going to be really eager to start driving, and practicing our driving abilities. Although it is illegal in my state, many thirteen year olds are already starting to drive, and their parents don't mind because they know their children can handle the responsibility.

I think young adults should be able to earn the same driving privileges that grown adults have. Many kids practice in their neighborhood or on back roads where there aren't lots of other drivers. I have done this, and feel I'm ready to take on the responsibility of driving on major roads. 

As a matter of fact, I'm actually really good at driving according to my parents.  I don't think driving courses should be a part of school courses, especially because kids shouldn't have to be pushed to take it. It should be, after school, during weekends, or even during the summer. You should also be approved by an administrator when you advance in it, like is done now.

Overall, I think driving courses should start with younger ages, preferably age thirteen.  Of course, people my age should not be pressured into driving if they're not ready, and they will not be approved to do so until they are one hundred percent positive they are ready to start driving on busy roads.


An ordinary Middle Schooler who has an opinion of her own