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Education Matters

The next US President needs to enhance America’s schooling system by assuring a good, high quality, efficient, balanced education for everyone; grades preschool to twelfth.

Dear Future President of America,

I have realized that a proper education is very important for me, and also for others around my age. America actually has a foundation to provide a high quality education for all people within the country, unlike other countries like Pakistan and Mali, as told by So, why take education for granted, when we probably wouldn’t have most of the things we have, and greatly use today without it? You, as President, can, and should improve the schooling system. To guarantee a high quality education, this issue should be addressed by allowing choice of what, and which type of school to learn in; being more competitive as students; and encouraging use of technology. As portrayed by

Life is full of decisions to make, and in my opinion, and I assume in many other minds, choosing the correct school is an important conclusion to make. Therefore, choice should be allowed. For example, from, “When schools prove to be chronically failing, parents should have the option to send their children somewhere else—whether a public or private school or online learning. If schools know there is an alternative, they’ll up their game—and the competition will serve students well.” So that deduces that in a situation where a parent/guardian may want to switch his/her child’s schooling, maybe for the betterment of understanding curriculum, he/she may freely do so. Also, as disclosed in the example, if schools find out children are attending another school compared to them, they might improve their teaching status. That will encourage schools to provide a better education for students. Furthermore, the example given also says that parents should be able to choose whether to send their children to a public, private, or online school. This confirms that Americans can choose whatever learning style they are comfortable with, but still get a hardcore education. So, giving choice in what and which type of school to participate in, can already easily improve America’s schooling system and education.

Another way to improve the education of America is by increasing the competition rates of students. They need to be knowledgeable on how to be prepared for the obstacles life throws upon them. For example, students are taught things like long division and fractions. But are they shown how to portray these skills in real life? This is why programs like S.T.E.M should be encouraged and mandatory. This technique not only teaches about science, math, engineering, and technology, but is a great way to educate students about being competitive.' stance is agreeable towards this issue, stating, “You will hear the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) a lot whenever the discussion turns to improving education in the United States, and there is a good reason. Those disciplines are the cornerstones of the jobs that will keep America competitive in the near and distant future, and we have to get our students ready for that future now.” Everyone should be introduced to S.T.E.M and have access to it, to be knowledgeable and prepared for the upcoming competitive future. They too will become decently competitive by becoming educated through this way, throughout their learning experience. Without the enthusiasm programs like S.T.E.M gives students, they’ll be lagging behind and most likely won’t accomplish anything in the future.

Technology is being made all the time. From the first light bulb, the first wireless cell phone, and so on. New technology is our way of keeping up with all modern day things. Most Americans use already use high tech machinery in their homes; America already being a developed country. But why not put these technologies into further use to improve the country’s education and schools? Technology, i.e. updated computers, can benefit schools and academies because they help efficiently record and track data, can help children do research (etc. projects…), and keep staff plus students modernly advised, equipped, and associated with community. My point was also claimed by

In conclusion, I strongly believe a better education for all Americans matter. This issue can easily be solved with resolutions such as choice of school, triggering competitiveness, and making technology mandatory. These solutions can take action by just spending a little more money on education and schools. This will definitely be worth it, and benefit the country. More people will be knowledgeable, have proper jobs, and be happier. I like to think that a good education is the key to a successful future, and I hope you do too.

                                                                             Thank You,

                                                                                        Mehek G.


Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

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