Katherine J. Virginia

GMO Labels

Individuals in the U.S. should be aware of what food is being put in their bodies through GMO labeling.

Dear Future President:

I understand that you must have a lot of responsibilities, but please take the time to read this letter. As a citizen of the United States, I am concerned with the health of our citizens. Genetically modified foods (GMOs)) are not being classified differently by the FDA, and aren’t being labeled. We should be able to know which foods are altered, and which ones aren’t. Our country should be able to live a healthy lifestyle, while knowing what we are eating.

This issue is important to me because I have an ill sister, she was diagnosed in August with Lupus. She is not dying, but she has to be very cautious about what she eats, because of her frail immune system. How do you think people feel when they have a sick loved one, and they walk into the grocery store and don’t know what they are purchasing, because there isn’t a simple label on it? The chemicals that are being put into this food are horrible, and might be causing many diseases. We cannot stop ourselves from getting sick, because these GMO’s are in most of our foods. I think the citizens of this country have a right to know what they and their families are consuming.

The research that has been made on the effects of GMO cannot be trusted. Pro-GMO companies are doing the research, and they are not measuring long-term effects. They are showing inaccurate data. If you eat products that have GMO’s in them, you will not get affected automatically, but you could get affected after a while. Scientists have linked GMO’s to over 22 diseases. These can be prevented, if GMO’s are taken out of our food or at least cut down. Obesity is another problem in the United States, and this can be caused by GMO’s as well. Overall, GMO’s are bringing nothing but health risks to the table, instead of healthy food that will nourish us.

I think that our future president can make some modifications to our GMO policies. First, there should be a limited amount of modifications made to our foods.  Second, there should be further investigation on the effects of GMO products.  Most people would rather have natural and organic foods that won’t negatively affect them in any way. Finally, I believe that foods that have GMO’s should be labeled with something, even if there is a small amount of modification. After reading this letter, I hope that you have decided that this issue is very important, and should be one of the first to act upon.


Katherine J.