Erin L. Virginia

Gun Control

The letter describes how loose gun laws currently are in our country and how stricter control over who can possess a gun will result in less grief and loss in our schools, malls, and hometowns.

Dear Future President;

      As you most likely already understand, gun control is a very controversial issue in our nation. Yes, I do believe that every American should have the unalienable right to have a gun, but is it worth endangering our society as a whole? Allowing for the purchasing of guns for mere sport only allows for those with bad intentions to just as easily obtain a gun. While getting rid of the right to own a gun completely would only create havoc, there is a clear need for stricter gun control in our country. 

      The amount of gun-related mass homicides in America compared to other countries is absolutely appalling. I find it quite ironic and surprising that we live in a nation where the right to bear arms is so idolized and cherished by much of the population, yet gun homicides are a significant public health concern. In our country, the death rate from gun violence is about 31 million people- the equivalent of 27 people shot dead every day of the year. Should our values of societal prosperity and well-being be clouded with arguments of the right to bear arms?

      I believe that with stricter gun laws and background checks there will be less crime and violence related to guns. It is startling how one can so easily obtain a handgun in today's society. Making the process of getting a gun more intricate and challenging will diminish a large amount of death and grievance that radiates from communities affected by gun violence. 

      The terrible outcomes for our country's citizens that are the result of yet another school, mall, or University shooting must come to an end. We are a country of freedom and patriotism, not a nation scared of our own people. To avoid needless tragedies, the future President needs to greatly enforce gun control, make the process of obtaining a gun much harder, and create gun laws. I am hoping the future president is the one to take action against such a horrifying, real problem in our country. 


        A Concerned Citizen

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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