Kayla C. Virginia

School Food

I believe that school food should be changed because the school food is fake, nasty, and some of it is unhealthy.

To the President of the United States,

My name is Kayla Clore and I am in the 11th grade and attend Eastern View High School. I believe that school food should be changed because nobody likes to eat nasty food. Most of the food is unhealthy because 75% of it is fake. That is a problem.

The food at my school is very unhealthy. Every time I get a pizza there is a puddle of grease on it and it runs off the side of the pizza. That much grease is so disgusting. It is clearly very unhealthy. Nobody wants to eat that.

You could change the school lunch menus to something better. I understand that this would cost more money but students would like to eat delicious and healthy food. If less people buy school food, that is less money for the school. A lot of things would be better if this situation was fixed. Thank you for taking your time to read this and please help this situation get fixed.

Eastern View High School

English 11 Standard

Ms. Licata's 4th block English 11 class.

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