Jessie Illinois

GMO Foods Are Harmful

Many GMO foods are harming and killing people everyday. This needs to stop.

Dear Future President,

I think that during your presidency you should make the people of the United States more aware of what some foods are doing to them. For example genetically modified food, otherwise known as GM foods. America consumes the most GM food in a year. This can lead to serious health issues. I think this is a really important problem that if people were aware of could change the way they eat making them have a longer and healthier lifestyle.

There are many negative effects on living things when exposed to GM food. Scientists have found that most effects on animals when exposed to food with GM are negative. stated that “In tests GM foods harm animals that are exposed to them. Some things that happened to the animals are accelerated aging, immune system disorders, and infertility.” These symptoms from genetically modified food are most likely true for humans too. said that GM foods when eaten by people can cause origin damage and cancer. This shows how GM foods can affect people’s life long term. Finally also said that GM foods can damage the environment and raise the risk of allergies. All of these are life threatening symptoms that are all from eating Gm foods. Therefore, if you enforce this it can save lives.

A way that I think you could fix this issue is by banning some chemicals used to make food GM. Then some people will have longer lives and be healthy all because they were not consuming GM foods.

I think that you should enforce this and make people in the United States more aware of what affects the food they are eating can have on them. America consumes the most GM food in a year. This needs to change.


Jessie Allen