devin Maryland

Honduras crisis

Honduras is in extreme debt and is facing a crippling economy. They are in desperate need of our help america

Dear Mr. President there is currently an issue happening in Latin America Honduras regarding poverty and lack of security for its citizens. Many relatives and family of mine come from Honduras and still live in the country. Sadly due to the many troubling circumstances in Honduras many of them are living a very hard and troubled life.

There are many causes of the crisis in Honduras such as agricultural revenue loss, high levels of economic inequality, and five billion dollars in foreign debt, and one of the world’s highest homicide ratings. This leads to a large amount of poverty in Honduras and a high increase in gang related activity due to lack of funding for security. This causes many citizens to live in fear within their own country and also allows drug trafficking to run rampant within the city

But there are still some things we can do to help. We can increase funding to Honduras to provide more security and provide safety to all Honduran citizens. We can also help change the position of power within Honduras to allow a new president to take the Honduran office who can make the economic changes the Honduran government needs. The U.S could then import more goods from Honduras to boost their agricultural revenue. Lastly we could provide foreign aid to their export industry to help Honduras more easily sustain themselves and manage their debt.

There are many effects of this crisis that have a heavy impact on the Honduran citizens. Many Hondurans live in fear for their lives because of the exponential crime and gang activity in the country. Also many children are sucked into gang affiliations at a young age and see the gang activity as a way of life. In addition many people are losing their lives everyday from the large crime and homicide rate of the area. Lastly because of the lack of educational funding many children are not receiving the proper education they need from lack of teaching staff due to under funding

So Mr. President it is up to you. To help save these people and to help provide the children and families of Honduras with a normal life. By providing foreign aid and help as needed to increase the Honduran economy help provide security and education to all that need it in this ever so troubled Honduras country