Alex Maryland

Education Cost

Letter about education cost and why it is a problem.

Education Cost

Dear Future President, there is currently an issue that is happening in the United Sates regarding education/college cost. The cost of college tuition is getting ridiculous, getting as high as $30,000 per year for University and in 2012-2013 the in-state tuition for a 4-year public college , with out-of-state costing about $21,706. In just 4 years that amount has leaped to about $60,729 per academic year (9 months). This is an obvious problem for the current and future generations of people who want to go to college and get an education for their future. There are certain causes of this that you could fix because some directly involve the government. Colleges cause students to spend a huge amount of money just to get in, so to make college more accessible, you should help lower the cost of college.

There are two main causes of this issue, the first is that schools are getting less funding from the state government so, to make up that lower amount of money, they increase their tuition to gain the money back from students. The second cause is that the college spends more money on other things like independent operations, public services or building sports stadiums. To fix this, you should have the respective state governments either give more money to their state’s colleges to decrease student tuition cost, or limit the amount of money colleges can spend at one time depending on how much money the college has. You could probably do both heavily decrease the cost on colleges, combining the two would be good, since they would have money and they can’t get carried over with it.

Students and their families are affected by this, with them having less money to take care of themselves. It can cause stress on students who are trying to pay for college and causes them to lose money too, so they can’t take care of themselves either. They go through student loan debt, every student’s loan debt adds to about $1.26 trillion in the U.S. If they have less money, then they can’t afford a home and live on their own, so to lessen these effects we need to have colleges have less tuition cost. Dear Future President, to make our future better, we should learn from our mistakes of college tuition cost being too high, and lessen it for the future. It is up to you whether or not we have a future full of people that have necessary jobs and degrees to build our society and country, please make the right decision Future President.