Alex F. Maryland

Dear Future President

Dear next president, you’ve got a lot of work to do. With America’s economy suffering, crime rates increasing, and government facing constant criticism, something needs to be done.

Dear next president, you’ve got a lot of work to do. With America’s economy suffering, crime rates increasing, and government facing constant criticism, something needs to be done. For a better world, we need to create equality, diminish corruption, and place more importance on public education.

Even though our nation is based on equality, inequity is a recurring issue in America. A case in point, women face unequal pay for the same jobs as men, almost 20% less. (Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2016) This gender wage gap is an improvement compared to the lack of women's rights in American history, but still a significant discrimination that needs to be resolved. In addition to gender discrimination, discrimination against economic status is another problem in America. A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that economic inequality has risen consistently in every state since the 1970s. American economic inequality is extremely unfair to the less wealthy, and needs to be fixed urgently. LGBTQ equality also needs to be a focus for the next president. The fact that states such as North Carolina have the ability to make laws discriminating against all transgender people, preventing them from using public bathrooms is unacceptable. If we focus on creating equality, these issues could be solved, which would definitely better the world.

Another predicament that needs to be solved in the United States is government corruption. In 2015, The Chapman University conducted a survey of America’s biggest fears. Of the 89 potential fears the survey asked about, the one fear that most Americans were scared of was federal government corruption. (Catherine Rampell, 2015) American citizens deserve a democracy that serves the people, and to be free of worry about government corruption. Red Tape is another result of the corrupt government. The bureaucratic system is inefficient at processing paper work and can be a hassle for people with jobs of all kinds, which is a challenge that needs to be resolved. Additionally, as mentioned before, the U.S. government favors the wealthy, which is an exemplary example of government corruption. (Sandra Bondioli, Huffington Post) An objective of the next president should be to rid Americans of the fears of government corruption, therefore bettering the world.

In addition to creating a more honorable government, the government needs to place more importance on the public education system. According to The Chamber of Industry and Commerce, “Higher levels of education do not guarantee less crime in society, but indeed a more effective education system that caters to both the students and teachers mental and psychological health, while fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for civic duty and the rule of law, is key for crime reduction.” This concept is a very significant reason why we need to focus on improving public education as a country. A better education system would also help to create more jobs, which would better the economy greatly. Also, a complication in America’s public education system is student loans. Student loans cause crippling debt for many Americans. Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 43 million borrowers. (Student Loan Hero, 2015) If the future president could potentially lower crime rate, help the economy, and diminish student loans, public education would really better the world.

Overall, equality, less corruption, and an increased importance on education would create a better world, and should be taken into consideration as the future president. The world needs some improving, so you better get to work, president.


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