Julisi Maryland

Saving Baltimore

How Baltimore's homicide rate is affecting the city.

Dear Future President,

Thirty Two gun shots, Thirty Two stab wounds, Thirty Two sirens, Thirty Two victims, and Thirty Two families. Now, thirty two may not seem like a large number to you, but to me, it means something; something important. In the city of Baltimore, where I currently live, there has been thirty two homicides in the last 30 days, says the Baltimore Sun Newspaper. That means that at least one person, every single day, has been deprived of the opportunity to live a long life-span.

The aggressive increase on Baltimore’s homicide rate has definitely took a huge toll on creating a bad environment for the people of my city. In addition to creating a bad environment, this issue has also had a negative impact on Baltimore’s reputation, and is constantly bringing fear to the lives of citizens. And did you know Mr. President that most homicides are often related to drug use and gun violence? Being as I am a teenage art student and student athlete here at Patapsco High School in Baltimore County, something to think about would be creating a REC center to keep the kids of the city occupied and out of harm’s way. It is to my understanding that basketball is a favored sport here in my city so perhaps holding an annual Baltimore Basketball Convention could be a good way to reduce gang violence, support the movement, and fund things like a new REC center. As for adults, more job opportunities could be a successful tactic so that people have work to rely on rather than selling drugs to receive an income. Although this is a serious issue in Baltimore, other cities such as Chicago are also experiencing high death rates. The USA Today News states that death rates and gun violence has soared in Chicago, with there being 141 deaths in the past year and 677 shootings compared to the 259 shootings at around the same time last year. Now that, Mr. President, is a problem.

With that being said, I think there is one question left to ask ourselves; who are we? Who are we to sit around and feel a remorse for those who are losing loved ones instead of taking action? Who are we to not bring justice to the table for the ones losing their lives? Who are we to allow this madness to continue on? It’s time we make a difference, educate the young, and enforce laws but it all starts with you Mr. President. Please help my city become the greatest again.

With all due respect,