Kaytlin W. Maryland

Letter to the President

This letter to the president revolves around police brutality and how it effects our everyday lives. Whoever our next president is, they need to at least attempt to put a stop to police brutality regarding blacks in America and other minorities that are effected constantly by police and them abusing their rights and responsibilities.

Dear next president,

One nationwide issue I want you to take care of is police brutality. The police are killing your citizens, my peers. The police kill more blacks than whites and other minorities, most who are unarmed, and the police officers receive no felony charges against them. This is not okay, we are losing precious lives everyday due to people who are supposed to protect us and something needs to put an end to it.

When police brutality appears on our television news channels everyday it is more common than not that the victims who have been hurt by police are African-American. By May of 2015, The Washington Post analyzed that so far in that year, “blacks were found to be killed at three times the rate of whites and other minorities” (Wesley Lowry). Lots of citizens claim that it's expected for blacks to be charged more than whites because there are more blacks in the population. Yet according to The Wall Street Journal, “2009 statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with sixty-two percent of robberies, fifty-seven percent of murders, and forty-five percent of assaults in the seventy-five biggest counties in the country, despite only being fifteen percent of the population in these counties” (Mac Donald). People claim there are much more of African-Americans in population than whites, but this static clearly states otherwise.

Another major factor to the entire argument of police brutality and African-Americans is that most victims who are killed by the police are unarmed, incapable of harming the police officers with any sort of weapon. Two-thirds of unarmed victims are black, and by the end of 2015, the ratio of unarmed black men dying from police gunshots compared to unarmed white men was six-to-one.

When one human being murders another, it is law for the murderer to be charged. That is what justice laws claim, but why aren't these officers being charged for murdering these unarmed African-American citizens? According to Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, Jamiles Lartey, and Ciara McCarthy of The Guardian, “in 2015, one thousand one hundred and thirty-four black men were killed due to police police brutality, and yet zero officers were charged for murdering these citizens”. Due to this statistic it’s very clear that the government system is bias towards police officers and the government would rather protect their officers and their wrongful actions than their citizens and their rights.

To conclude, my point has been made by multiple sources that the police are in the wrong by killing more lacks than whites, who of which are unarmed, and the officers are receiving no penalty from these actions, no consequences. Is this the government we want to stand under?

Rockville High School

Rockville High School

11th Grade Students at Rockville High School

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