Jacob A. Maryland

Clean Energy Efforts and Global Warming

Letter to the next president concerning our clean energy efforts and how we can lessen our impact on the ozone layer

Dear President,

Congratulations on being elected president of one of the biggest superpowers the world has ever known. Because you are becoming the next president and in turn shaping America into a better country for our children of the future, one specific issue of the future is climate change and how we can procure cleaner energy to lessen greenhouse gases. As of now, 70% of Americans agree that climate change is a threat according to a poll by the University of Michigan. I’m assuming you’re taking this problem seriously.

When I am typing this, October 10, 2016, Fortune.com reports that Global clean energy has dropped to its lowest quarterly level since 2013. A drop of 49% since last year and a drop of 31% since last quarter. I am eager to find how you, as president of one of the wealthiest countries in the world, plan to contribute to global efforts in clean energy without driving up the debt even worse than it already is. This obviously will take a lot of time to investigate where to put our money and how much money to use and when but the issue needs addressed before it’s too late.

Another obvious issue in climate change is what clean energy can and should the United States put in place? There has been a lot of controversy about coal mines being shut down and people losing their jobs, so how will your plan for energy production not only be a reliable source for  energy, but  also jobs. There has only been a 0.3% decrease in unemployment in the United States since last year according to tradingeconomics.com, bringing our national unemployment rate to 5%. Because so many Americans are still searching for jobs, why don't we create new energy industries.

Lastly, I ask how you plan on limiting our carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. The Obama Administration has done great work in limiting emissions in factories and cars/trucks. How will you help congress pass bills that make our country cleaner for future generations? What do you think would make our country a cleaner place that would not contribute to the growing problem of climate change while protecting the ozone layer?

In conclusion I am asking you to take action on climate change and how we can help reduce our country’s impact on the environment around us and protect the world we live in. This is something I feel is important to every person in the world; considering we live on Earth, everyone should be concerned about its well being. How will your presidency further our country’s clean energy efforts and push to lessen carbon dioxide emissions?


Jacob A.