KIERAN (likes Taco Bell) Kentucky


This is directed at the major candidates, Hillary and Donald. They need to address this.

Dear Future President,

Black Lives Matter. I would like you to support and help this campaign. Give them money for better cops. And more training. Let them do what they do: SUPPORT JUSTICE!

Black Lives Matter is a campaign dedicated to justice and anti-racism. It is a very important campaign that needs lots of support. If Hillary is reading this, please. Keep supporting the BLM people often. If it’s Trump… can you please start accepting people who are black?

I have lots of black friends that deserve to be treated with respect. That includes my friends Luka, Eric, my cousins, my aunt, and much more. They are just as good as a white person, if not better. They shouldn't have to deal with any racism in their lives. They are unique and talented just like (almost) everyone else.

If I was a black kid (which I am definitely not, I look like soy milk), I would never want to worry about racism or discrimination from whites. Imagine if you grew up in a poor black neighborhood. You're kind of poor, you deal with lots of social injustice, and there isn't a good education. That's how some black children grow up, and it's not fun. Rich black people even have struggles.

So as a final conclusion, BLM is a great campaign that needs lots of support. I am a supporter, my family is a supporter, my friends are supporters, so you should be a supporter. Support justice. It needs government money, and you can provide that. SUPPORT THE RIGHT CAUSE!