Gloria Y. Georgia

Deer Lives Matter

People have accidents, but leaving the scene with a dead body is just wrong.

Dear Future President,

I understand that the tiresome work of an important person like you will be extremely busy at this time, but as our new president I would really like it, as one of your younger citizens, if you could be concerned about this matter.  Our country may be endangered if we do not act to this conflict.  The thing is, animal wildlife, mainly deer, are dying quickly and it’s all because of our daily transportation.

It has come to my attention that as a fellow Asian, animal lover, and granddaughter of a hunter, wild animal deaths have become remarkably common.  Everyday, as my family and I drive to church, we pass about four to five dead deer on the side of the road.  This is concerning on how cautious we are on the road and for the sake of our world’s wildlife.  When coming across these accidents, I have found that many people often just drag the dead corpse to the side, despite the carcass being placed on somebody’s yard.  This is outrageously disgusting and immensely rude to the lives within the house and within our nature.  Another problem between deer deaths are the car wrecks and accidents people get when they crash into a deer.  This worries teens who are learning how to drive, often causing them to be scared to drive at night.  These incidents make them nervous, which will bring even more wrecks and injuries towards the future.

I understand that actually moving a dead deer is absolutely disgusting and looking into the eyes of a dead animal can be terrifying, sad, and, yet again, gross.  I also understand that people are busy and driving slower and more cautiously is just a waste of time.  Some people have bigger and busier lives than to tend to a dead, or maybe even an injured deer for just a minute or three.  Life is busy and to move a dead animal to the side is time wasting, but leaving it can seem disrespectful towards others who are near.  This is where you can come in and help us prevent this from happening.

As a solution to this problem, I ask of you, future president, to mention to the world that deer lives are not just a life of an animal, but millions of others in the future.  You can make more cautious and efficient ways where we can drive safely without both us and deer getting injured.  Help us make a world where worrying about crashing does not have to be a problem.  All I ask is for you to think about it, because from what I have learned from my own experiences, waiting too long can bring only pain.


Gloria Y