Quang N. Michigan

Driving age

Raise the driving age

Dear Future President,

Today, our country has a lot of issues that needed to be solved. But the issue that I am concerning about is the minimum driving age in the United States.

From my point of view, 16 teen year old youngsters are not ready to drive. There are many reasons for which teenagers do not need to drive at that young age. Teenagers often use their cell phones while driving their car so that they might cause themselves and other people in some risky situations. Teenagers are also making the number of traffic accidents as well as their possibility of getting injured increased. Teenagers do not have enough knowledge about the problems that come with driving. Many high school students in our nation right now just want to have their own vehicle but do not really know how to drive in an appropriate way.

So, I think the government should raise the legal driving age for every citizens of the United States to 18. The way that a 16-year-old and 18-year-old behave are as different as night and day. On the one hand, at the age at 16, people are not mature enough. They are lack of basic safety knowledge about driving, too. They are not ready yet to take all the responsibilities. On the other hand, 18 years old teenagers have more experience, didn’t they? Most people at the age of 18 have graduated from high school, so they have every knowledge that they need to become a good driver. When they turn 18, they become adults, some are ready for college as well as every challenges happen in their life. In some countries around the world, people have to turn 18 to be able to apply to get a driver’s license.

In conclusion, I think you should consider all of this. It would be good to change the driving age in our country to 18. If we do this, it will bring a lot of benefits to teenagers themselves, to their families and to our country.


Quang Nguyen