Arjun S. California

Dangerous Driving

Texting while driving is a serious issue that affects more than 1 million people every year.

Dear future president,

Roughly 1.6 million car crashes occur every year due to the use of phones. Using phones while driving is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Approximately 1.3 million people are killed every year due to road accidents . Using your phone while driving can injure not only you, but others around you as well, and needs to be stopped.

Texting while driving is a major issue that kills thousands of people each year and injures even more. Some people may be willing to take the risk because they don't care about their own life, but texting while driving puts the people in your car and the cars around you in danger as well. That includes children too. Imagine a scenario in which a person is texting while driving. There is an intersection up ahead and its a red light for the person driving. Of course, he/she doesn't realize it's a red light because he/she's reading texts. A family is crossing the road. They are distracted by something on the other side of the road and don't see the car speeding towards them at 50 miles an hour. The person looks up and sees the family, but its too late. He/she hit the brakes as hard as possible can but the car is moving too fast. Boom! One of the parents is lying on the ground. All of this, because that person decided to answer a text that was so urgent that it couldn't wait for 5 minutes. "Drivers who send and receive text messages take their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds out of every 6 seconds while texting. At 55 miles per hour, this means that the driver is traveling the length of a football field, including the end zones, without looking at the road. When people drive while they're distracted, they can hurt the people around them. Using phones while driving can kill the people around you, which would devastate their families, which is why we need to do something about it.

An innovative new product called DriveID by Cell Control might be the solution to this problem. DriveID stops texting, using the camera for taking selfies, using social media apps such as snap chat or twitter, and more. The best part about DriveID is that it can detect who is driving. That means that if you're in the passenger seat or the backseat, you'll still be able to do whatever you want to do on your phones. The downside to DriveID is that it costs about 130 dollars. Obviously some people will not be able to afford that. And that's where you come in future president. A law could be passed which would require all car companies to install DriveID or a similar product in all their cars. That is one possible solution which would prevent the driver from being distracted by their phones. 

Overall, the use of phones while driving is a dangerous thing to do which can harm not just the driver but others around that person. Texting, or using phones in general while driving can hurt and potentially kill other people. So future president, to save more than a million lives each year, I need you to help us pass a law that will make car companies put DriveID or a similar product in all cars. We all need you, Future President.

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