Jessi W. Missouri

Texting and Driving

Texting and driving can be dangerous

   Dear Future President,

As being selected the new leader of our nation we have many problems and need help. Texting and Driving is a major problem, and is extremely dangerous. It takes driver’s eyes off the road, shifts concentration, and removes a hand from the steering wheel. We as individuals, families, countries, and a nation need to stop this problem and find ways to get it out there that texting and driving is wrong. Texting and Driving could lead to death or cause a serious injury that could affect your whole life.

Why? Why do people Text and Drive? Is it because picking up their phone is cool, driving with one hand is cool. None of this is cool. There are over 3,000 teen deaths nationwide cause teens feel it’s cool to be on their phone while they are driving and over 300,000 are injured because they were on their phone while driving. We need to start focusing on the negative things that are happening in our country and the people.

Texting and Driving leaves major effects on people all over the world. Losing a friend or family member due to being on your phone just isn’t worth it. We need to find ways to get people to stop Texting and Driving. Go to local schools, churches, talk to families who have lost loved ones, and local communities that may have lost someone in there town. It’s never too late to do the right thing, let’s stop Texting and Driving.

Always know your life is in danger. I can’t see why anyone would want to lose there life cause they were looking at their phone instead of looking at the road. Just always know you’re in danger and be safe at all times. Bad things can happen to anyone, that one look at your cellphone could change the rest of your life in just a matter of seconds. According to “Texting and Driving aka: What to do about the problem”, no one should be on their phone while driving. Be a good example to others and the people around you. If you need to talk on the phone or have an emergency pull over. Reach out to the people around you, tell them it’s wrong. You don’t want your parents to get a call saying you were injured or possibly killed because you took those few seconds to look at your phone.

I want people to start getting things like texting and driving out of their minds. It’s wrong, it’s dangerous, and it’s not safe for anyone. It’s all in your mind, you have to say I’m not gonna text and drive, I’m gonna be a good example for others, and I’m never gonna stop believing in the people that have the problem of texting and driving because I know they are going beet the habit before it’s too late.

As I write this letter, I hope it puts things in your mind to think about. Texting and driving is a major issue and we need to start making a difference by helping people out, and working together as one. I hope you get the time to read my letter and make a difference with this problem and change the lives of others.


Jessi W.