Kaycee B. Colorado

Affordable Care Act

Healthcare and health insurance being affordable.

Dear Future President,

Adequate healthcare is something everyone in the U.S. deserves, differences aside. As expensive as it is in America, it’s hard for many families to receive the care they’re entitled to. Starting with health insurance being given to all peoples in our country, I think healthcare affordability can be closer to resolved. The Affordable Care Act is an effective system that should continue to be enforced in legislature.

When one gets sick, going to the doctor is scary and stressful to begin with. Now, add the stress and worry involved in finances. Having to empty your pockets just for a doctor visit shouldn’t be happening to families; especially those with multiple children to take care of, on top of the parents. According to debt.com, in 2007 the average cost for a 15 minute consult with a doctor was $104. For parents or any individual who can’t afford health insurance, the cost is overwhelming. The Affordable Care Act ensures a lower co-pay, creating increased convenience.

After overpaying for a doctor’s visit, a patient’s next step is filling their prescription. A vial of one drug, Rituxan, costs $3,678 in the U.S. and only $1,527 in Norway. The main drug buyers in other countries are all government systems. However, American employers, insurance companies, the state and the federal government are responsible for spending taxpayers money irresponsibly. Healthcare being equally available to the American community by the government, will decrease the price of medications.

My dad was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer eleven months ago. The impact it has had on my family emotionally is crippling, plus the added stress of finances and costs of treatments. Worrying every month about how much money we have left to spend on groceries, necessities, and extra activities changes the whole atmosphere of a home. For families in a similar situation but with a lower income, they’re going to have less money to put toward house payments and necessities and supporting a family on scarcities is difficult.

In order to lead a hearty life, satisfactory health care is essential. The Affordable Care Act assisted many families and can continue to be a convenient service if more people understood it and realized how much help it provides. As the next President of the United States, consideration on keeping and enforcing the Affordable Care Act is greatly desired.



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