Kevin C. Colorado

The Burning World

As one of the biggest issues we need to fix it. Global warming effects everyone on the planet. We need to take action.

Dear future president,

I am a young boy living in colorado and I know our worlds issues. I believe that the next president of the united states should work to fix these issues. It is my belief that the president should be making deals with other nations to improve our society. The one issue that I am very concerned about is climate change.

Ever since life began on earth the climate has been changing. Climate is the weather conditions over a long period of time. Climate change is not something to be joked about. We need to solve this issue and fast. While changing climate can’t be stopped we just need to stop changing it ourselves. Ever since the industrial revolution happened we have been using fossil fuels that have been trapped in the earth for millions of years. These fossil fuels release a gas called co2(Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere. Oil companies are using fossil fuels to make energy and fuels in our environment. This is causing the entire planet to start heating up. The longer this continues, the more heat becomes trapped in our planet.

I believe the best way to stop our planet from heating up is to create more renewable energy and to reduce our country’s carbon emissions. We also need to increase company taxes oil companies to pay for the damage that they are causing. To achieve making a better planet we also need to have other countries do this as well. We need change quickly so we need a president that will help more than one country.

If we can do this we will still have disastrous consequences. We will still have coastal cities flooded and it will take many years for the earth to cool down so why should we do anything? We need to take action now before it can get worse. Uncontrolled we can have a mass extinction event with us going extinct. We need a president that will not just think of the country but the entire world as well as future generations.

Thank you for reading this kind of long letter but it is important. I hope to see a difference some day. I wouldn't write this if it wasn’t important.

Sincerely, Kevin C.