Tyler D. Colorado

Police Safety And Training

Law Enforcement have dangerous jobs and need to be safe while keeping others safe too

To Mr. Or Madam President.

       I would like to congratulate you for being elected president. I would like to bring attention to a topic that is very important to this country and to myself; police safety and training. Too many officers, troopers and deputies are being hurt or killed in the line of duty. Most are improperly equipped with the gear they need to do their job well. Also, small town and budgeted departments and offices can't get the proper training to their officers and deputies. I would like to see Law Enforcement upgrades so they can be assured that their gear and training can help them in any call.

    My first proposal is to have more Law Enforcement on the streets and highly populated areas. All of them don't have to be in full uniform. There can be fully occupied units, patrol units and undercover units all together. Undercover units can be just like ordinary people, but cops. They can be sitting down, eating food, but they're always on alert. Multiple units will help bring down criminals and keep the public safer. Also, this will help protect Law Enforcement because more units will be on scene at the same time. If there's a large party of people, multiple units can keep them under control. Criminal are shockingly getting smarter and knowing how to fight Law Enforcement, and escalate the situation to a whole other level that's more dangerous for the people involved.

 For Law Enforcement to become safer they need better equipment. Some smaller departments and offices don't have the bigger budgets to get the latest and greatest equipment. They use the hand-me-downs or old gear and some of it doesn't work properly. It is very difficult for cops to do their job when their equipment malfunctions and this puts them and every possible person around them in danger. Law Enforcement already has a very dangerous job, it shouldn't be more dangerous because of their faulty equipment. To fix this all Law Enforcement should have the latest or closest to latest working equipment to be able to get their job done.  In a situation where an officer and deputies gun doesn't fire, they could be injured or be killed by the person that's a threat to them. Just this past week Scott Greene shot two Iowa police officers in their patrol cars from a wooded area with a .223 caliber rifle. The two officers were Sgt. Anthony β€œTony” Beminio (38) and Officer Justin Martin (24). They were shot in separate incidents on the same night. Multiple shots were fired into each car, killing both officers. These officers were defenseless and didn't have time to react, causing a horrific last seconds on Earth for both these officers. The one thing that could've saved these two officers lives, is bullet resistant glass in every patrol cars, or at least the front, rear and front side windows. This resolution will keep officers safe and calm in tough situations.

  Finally, in this line of work, training and tactics are the keys to having a subject comply and the officers safety. Many offices and departments don't have the continued funds to teach the proper classes and scenarios. A resolution for this is to have a portion of money come to the office and department, every six months. This doesn't have to be a large sum of money, but it has to be enough to help get that office or department on the right track. Police officer's job are one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. They need to know how to stay safe and how to keep others safe.

 Law Enforcement is being targeted by more dangerous people everyday, and the officers, deputies and troopers need the training to be safe, strategic, alert and alive. This will bring down Law Enforcement killings and injuries. The goal is to raise public compliance and loyalty, while keeping the people who protect us safe.

Thank you,



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