Nicole H. Colorado

Gun Control

Gun control in America

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to you addressing gun control. It has come to my attention the overwhelming concern many citizens have for their safety. Gun control has become a stand out topic and I am in hopes that this letter will better the safety of our country.

After researching some facts I found that 270 million-310 million ( people in the United States own a gun. With that said only 3% of murders and crimes are committed with guns from people who legally purchased the gun. After hearing that fact, I have decided to speak about steps we can take to minimize the number of illegally owned firearms. We must keep firearms out of the hands of citizens who are not properly registered for ownership.

Guns are being sold to easily to citizens who don't have proper right to own one. Take for example the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. 27 people were killed that day and the shooter, Adam Lanza, should have never had a gun in his hand. (Wikipedia) Having proper background checks could help prevent something so traumatic from happening.

It is understood when firearms are used for events such as hunting and are properly locked away in a home. There have been kids who have had access to a gun and have hurt themselves or other people with them. To own a firearm it must be a requirement to have it properly locked away and only ever in the hands of the owner. No one but the owner should have access to it without a gun license.

As future President how will you stop gun violence? How will you create better restrictions? How will you keep guns out of murders hands? How will you keep our country safe? Putting guns in unsafe hands has made an incomparable effect on our country and it must be changed before we loose more citizens.