Estevon G Colorado

Wake Up Call

Racial Inequality

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

Life throws everyone a curve-ball every now and again. It is a burden. It is inevitable. It is something everyone must overcome. The belief is that one must learn from that experience and turn it into a life lesson. America’s curve-ball happens to be terrorist attacks. Terrorists attacks are heartbreaking, horrific, tragic, and plain out disrespectful. We must avoid them to the best of our abilities. For the most part America has done its best to stop crimes before they happen. But what we must acknowledge is that not everyone has the same intentions that their stereotypical nationality has them out to have. I agree that we must take action on suspicious doings by all races. Although, we must stay constitutional in our doings and treat everyone in a equal matter. Recently, however, many have begun to question the veracity of the police’s claim to “serve and protect.” Everyday people are nervous to face our own government because of the racist and unjust reputation they have become known as. The citizens of this very country should feel protected, not intimidated. This is why I urge you to focus on making this country a honorable and nonpartisan environment to live in.

People of all nationalities are getting unlawfully targeted because of past events. Certain past events happened to be by a specific nationality and now almost every person of that culture has become frowned upon and specifically targeted not only the government but also our every day to day citizens. Racial profiling is patently illegal. It violates the U.S. Constitution’s promise of equality. It alienates communities and causes the law enforcement to lose all credibility and trust among their own people. Studies by claims that, “In New York City, 80% of the stops made were blacks and Latinos, and 85% of those were frisked, compared to the mere 8% of white people stopped”. People all across the country are being unlawfully judged and taken advantage of, on what seems to be, their ethnicity. No person deserves to be treated as a threat until proven guilty of a terrorist action. Some citizens all the way from California to New York feel unsafe and unwelcome from their own executive branch. Instead of enforcing the laws, they are exploiting their use of power. This recently begun a movement called “Black Lives Matter.” It is an activist movement initiated by the African-American community to stop violence and racism toward black people. From the police brutalities and racial inequality, it seems to convey that everyone of color is a terrorist threat. This idea is dismembering this country one unwarranted action at at time. Meaning that this country will never be united as a whole until we are constitutional in our actions and our justice system is fair to all races and genders.

On the contrary, it is smart to stop threats before they happen. If something out of the ordinary takes place, it would be irresponsible for a person of authority to not take initiative to preventing conflict. Police do have to protect themselves from danger as well, even if it means taking a life to save their own. In some situations, things get very intense and some officers may feel as if their life is in danger and act upon that. It is reasonable to say that most situations can be handled in a more professional manner, but if one felt their life was at risk and made a decision motivated by fear then that is a mistake they must take full responsibility for. And not every situation officers deal with in extreme force are a sole act of racism. Not every person in our police force is racist and out to destroy the colored community. Then again there are some officers, officials, citizens, and even social medias that intentionally act upon hatred to a specific group of people. And that is the problem in this country.

This nation has some ignorant, misguided, and heartless people. No one is perfect, but if we treat others as human beings instead of accusing and assuming that everyone has bad intentions, then that would be a major step into solving this epidemic at hand. Because of the criminal actions that have presented themselves over the years by the citizens of this nation and our own government, it has disabled us from growth in the economy, the progression of equality, and last but not least peace within our democratic society.



Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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