Gabriella S. Colorado

College Tuition Increase

As of 2016, the price for colleges are increasing. I want to make sure it is known to many that it has begun to get harder to afford a decent college.

 Dear Mrs. or Mr. President,

Some students might dream of going to a decent college. They want to get the education needed in order to support themselves for careers. The only problem with this is that prices are rising rapidly for public and private colleges. Students are becoming not able to afford a good college with a decent curriculum. I believe that something needs to be done about this. Since we are the next generation, it is important that we as students get a good amount of academics in order to succeed in life. College is an important milestone that is recommended for all. People can grow and expand their abilities with the new informative they will receive in a good college.  I've often heard and talked to Seniors in my school complain about the prices of tuition. It is quite expensive to try and get into the top colleges. First off, getting into good colleges is hard enough, one needs to have good grades along with a someone high GPA. Yet, even with a well paying job it is hard to earn enough money to pay the tuition and support oneself. So overall, people are not always capable of having heaps of money laying around in order to pay for college. Which is why I believe that it might be easier on many people and students if the price of colleges were reduced slightly.