Ian D. North Dakota

Bottle Flipping

An idea for a new national sport that could generate money for the government.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to ask you to make bottle flipping a national sport. It is the next big thing and would be a great way to make money for the government. I know for a fact that it is addicting and will attract a lot of people.

Bottle flipping is a game that requires you to flip a bottle and land it upright (it’s even better if you land it on the cap). The bottle needs to be half-full to make the flip possible. Points are earned for successful flips.

The government could make money by hosting a show dedicated to bottle flipping. On the show there could be special challenges and tournaments. Right now it is a water bottle, but other companies like Coke and Pepsi would want to get involved, bringing more money. Apps are already being made that could make even more money.

The money made could be donated to the homeless in our large cities. These people need to be able to get an education so they can get jobs and take care of themselves. Also, money could be donated to the sick kids in the hospital, ones that you see donation boxes for when you go to stores like Walmart. These children can get better and be well.

I hope you will think about my idea. I think it is a good one.

Ian Delong, Rolla, ND

Turtle Mountain Teen Art & Writing Workshop Reunion

Turtle Mountain Art and Writers Workshop

This is the Reunion of the Turtle Mountain Art and Writers Workshop. Here are the letters that they wrote and submitted in October of 2016

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