Jillian North Dakota

Letter to the next president

Coal mines and gun control

Dear Future President:

I have many concerns featuring the new ideas running through the minds of Americans. Would affect the lives of many Americans. Those are things that North Dakota families jobs and most of our enjoyment.

Firstly, “Guns don't kill people, people kill people.” Guns aren't the issue in this world it's the people who use them. Our right to bear arms is going to be taken away because of the mistakes we have made. In North Dakota, guns are almost an essential in the rural communities. I believe that gun control wouldn't stop the the death of Americans, and that it's definitely not the gun.

Second of all, coal mining is a big industry. Closing down this would make our unemployment rate go through the roof. There would be many down sides to coal mines being shut down: unemployment, money, and just as simple as things working. Our communities that have a big role in this would be slowly decreasing in populations. As a member of the coal mining community, and my father being in this industry, it would greatly effect my life.

In conclusion, these things are important. Coal mines are a big role in our lives, because of jobs, money, and the little things we take for granted. Also, “guns don't kill people, people kill people.” Gun control wouldn't stop ending the lives of others, it would make people do even more illegal things. This is why I think these things are important.


Jillian McDonald