Kellogs North Dakota

Coal is a great resource

Coal plants are being shut down because they produce too many gases. I'm here to stop that.

Dear Future President,

Iā€™m here to tell you that we need to keep coal plants open. I think coal is a great Way to build up the economy.

Everyone in the U.S either has a house or a car. Guess how those houses and cars operate? COAL! Coal generates 44% of our electricity. Where I live there are coal plants that surround the area, and employ many people like my parents. U.S. coal employs 134,000 people yearly. I live in North Dakota where it is usually very cold and we need coal to heat our house.

Some say coal causes pollution. Some say the gases coming from the plants is causing the icebergs to melt, but we have only been measuring temperature for 400 years. So before the icebergs formed it could have been 20 degrees warmer than right now.

Iā€™m asking you future president please keep coal plants open. We need coal to stay alive and to make a living.


Hunter K.