Abby C. North Dakota

Same Countries Same Laws?

This country needs uniformity in its laws. By Abby C.

Same Country Same Laws?

Dear President:

Today I write to you as part of the large group of youth who are aware of our nation’s problems. I am well aware that you know all about the problems of our great nation, that you now have the amazing opportunity to run. Also that I don’t need to spell them all out for you. The issue I would like to bring to your attention is the issue of all the different laws in the different states. It is brought to my attention that people will go to other states to “get away with” something that is illegal in the state that they are a resident in. For example, a same-sex couple may go to Montana from North Dakota to get married because it is illegal in North Dakota, which is where they live ( Many people believe that it is unfair that only certain states allow things like same-sex marriage, full child custody, adoption (same-sex couple), etc. I believe that the laws should be uniform throughout the country, not just in one or two states. I know that all of the different states have their different issues, that don’t always relate to other parts of the country. On the other had though, many of the laws also relate to other parts of the country as well.

I would like to take you back in time. Do you remember when you went somewhere, for example Grandma’s house? All of the wonderful smells of delicious food that had been cooking all day just waiting to be eaten up at dinner time with the whole family. When you got there, though, you had to take off your shoes; and then you couldn’t shout or run or scream, all of those rules you thought were unfair. Did you ever think, well, we can leave our shoes on at Uncle Bob’s house, or we can have snacks at our house? Different places have different rules, which is like our nation’s states. Every state has its own laws regarding issues like same-sex marriage, gun control, the death penalty, and child custody. Now I understand, that they make laws to accommodate their different needs, and not all of these laws apply to all states or the rest of the country. On the other hand, these laws make it easier for people to get away with things, for example owning a gun without the knowledge of the state in which they are a resident.

You see Mr./Madam President these situations are what makes America a somewhat dangerous place. I understand that this is not the case everywhere, but I am well aware that many states are more densely populate due to these different laws. For example, Montana has grown in population sense they have legalized same-sex marriage because many have gone there from other places ( Along with this, many people have committed crimes in other states where there might not be as big of a punishment or not one at all. I would like to end by asking you this, if every state has it’s own laws, then are we truly one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all?

Yours truly